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March 26, 2019

How to creat Phone pe QR Code and Earn money upto 10000

How to create a phone pe merchant account and earn up to 10000 rs per phone pe account in free and transfer the amount to the bank account new trick
How to creat Phone pe QR Code

Hello and welcome friends today I am discussing how to create a phone pe merchant and earn money from phone pe and you can earn money from phone pe merchant account by scan and pay, there is the easy way to create a phone pe merchant account by a simple process so you want to create a phone pe merchant account  then read the blog carefully till the end and follow my instruction to create a successful phone pe merchant account . so let's start it,

What is Phone pe?
Phone pe is an app through which you can transfer the balance from one phone pe user to another from one bank account to another bank account without any charge. Transfer 100000 per transaction without any charge and free of cost from one bank account to another bank account.

Normally in simple UPI transaction, you have to pay some extra charge as per your transaction when you pay money through phone pe you don't have to pay any extra charge for the transaction.

How to create a phone pe account?

1. Download phone pe app CLICK HERE

2. Then enter your unregistered mobile no that will link with any of your banks' accounts.

3. then add your bank account and set you UPI in as per your bank.

4. Transfer more than 100 to any phone pe user then your will active.

How to create a phone pe merchant account?

i. First Download the phone pe for the business app from play store or CLICK HERE.

ii. Then open and click Sign up button and enter your Mobile no. and verify through OTP.

iii. Then enter your all details like your name, shop name, Your shop address, etc...

iv. Then your QR code is ready then you will evil the scan and pay offer.


I hope you like this offer and also hope you understand the blog if you have any doubt you also comment to me and if also any other problem you face on the offer then you can comment on youtube and you also join our telegram channel for latest updates and offer so I hope you like this blog, thank you. 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

March 24, 2019

What is Amazon pay balance and How to transfer amazon pay balance to the bank account and also transfer to paytm new trick

what is amazon pay balance and how to transfer amazon pay balance to the bank and new way amazon pay balance transfer to paytm latest and a new trick

amazon pay balance transfer to bank

Hello and welcome friends firstly welcome to all to my blog today i am discuss about in this blog how to transfer amazon pay balance to bank account  with simple and easy way and and can also transfer amazon pay balance to your paytm account by simple method for more information about how to transfer amazon amazon pay balance to bank account and also paytm payments bank then read carefully the blog till end and also see the youtube video for more satisfaction so lets start it,

What is Amazon pay balance?

Amazon is an e-commerce platform like paytm mall, eBay, Flipkart, Ajio etc. Amazon is the No.1 e-commerce platform in the world, There are plenty of customers are visiting on Amazon in one second. About 10000 of customers are visiting on Amazon in a second.  In Amazon, there is a wallet called amazon pay in this wallet you can add balance for shopping, which balances placed in the Amazon pay or amazon wallet called amazon pay balance.

How to use Amazon pay balance when shopping?

Amazon gives 5% of cashback while you pay through Amazon pay balance when you shop on Amazon.

1. First of all, go to play store and download amazon app or you can download CLICK HERE.

2. Secondly, create an Amazon account through your mobile no or email id and set a password.

3. Thirdly Go to my account > Amazon pay then add amazon pay balance as your product value through the debit card, credit card, Bhim upi, Net banking etc.

4. Fourthly choose products you want to buy then click proceed button. If you buy products value less than 499 rs then you have to pay shipping charges for them.

5. then add your shipping address and continue and select amazon pay option at the time of payment then your balance deducts from your amazon pay account and your order placed.

How to transfer amazon pay balance to the bank account?

This is the new and fresh trick to transfer amazon pay balance to your bank account by an easy and simple method so let's start it.

i. Download the snapay from play store or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

ii. Then open the app ( NOTE- you must have an ADHAR card and also you have to more than 18+ for create an account on snapay app) and click on Register or Sign in option.

iii. Then enter your all details as on your gov. id or ADHAR card when filling all the boxes then create your snapay account.

iv. Then you have a photocopy of your ADHAR card then click on menu option > then click My account option then you will see your all personal details in the lower or down part in my account section you will see an image option.

v. then click the image option then you enter your ADHAR NO. as on your ADHAR card and choose the front page of AHAR card the image copy of your ADHAR card that you captured before you create a snapay account.

vi. then click on submit option and after that click the Update option then your Profile Updated. If you don't update your profile you cant transfer your amazon pay balance to your bank account.
( NOTE- on Saturday and Sunday you cant transfer amazon pay balance )

vii. Then go to Home section click ACCOUNT option on the left side then fill your account holder name, account no, nickname, confirm your account no, then enter your amount you have to transfer to your bank account then click submit  Minimum 100 rupees for transfer and you have to pay 2.99 rupees for the same day transfer and more than one day you have to pay 2.85 rupees and more than two days you have to pay 2.65 rupees for transfer of 100 rupees to your bank account then choose as you like I prefer to choose the same day option and in the first transfer you have to transfer 100 rupees first for confirmation if the amount credit to your account.

then transfer more amount then click pay option then select wallet option then click again wallet option then choose amazon pay you can also transfer phone pe wallet balance, free charge, Ola money etc.

Then scroll down click on pay option then you redirect to Amazon login page then enter your Amazon account no or email id and password which has the Amazon pay balance then pay the amount you have to transfer to your bank account. In the same day, you will receive the amount in your bank account.


How to transfer amazon pay balance to paytm payments bank?

firstly you have a paytm payments bank account when you enter your bank details in the bank section enter your paytm payments bank holder name, account no, and IFSC code and confirm your bank account no your paytm payments bank account no starts from 91 your mobile no it is very important.
In the help of snapay app, you can also transfer your amazon pay balance to your paytm payments bank.

so, friends, I hope this blog helps you to transfer your amazon pay balance to your bank account with 3% charges. If you have any problem comment here and can also join our youtube channel and also join our telegram channel for latest updates and new offers, Thank You. 

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March 08, 2019

what is admob and how to earn money from admob

what is AdMob and how to earn money from AdMob through mobile apps and what is the cheapest way to make money from AdMob overall free without invest 
                                      what is admob

Several friends of mine area unit making Apps to earn cash on each robot and IOS platforms. Most of them offer their apps for gratis and use AdMob to legitimate their apps. during this business model, they need met voluminous issues within the past few months, and there area unit still some problems they're facing currently. when talking with these guys, i believe it'll be terribly useful to share some recommendations on monetizing free apps by AdMob with those folks that wish to do however haven’t tried however.

What is Admob?

Friends, 1st of all, the question in our mind is whether or not AdMob kya hai or what's AdMob, I'd prefer to tell you that AdMob is additionally one in all the sole on-line advertising corporations. This company shows its ad on robot apps and ios like if you robot user, then after you use any apps, then typically the ad comes in. That ad comes with U.S. AdMob, it absolutely was created by Omar Hamoui in April 2006 and its official web site in / AdMob or perhaps like Google Adsense Its revenue is in way over the google adsense.

Admob Account:-

Friends, currently we've an issue regarding the way to produce our AdMob account otherwise you will have your Gmail id for it and you have got your mobile range if you have got each of them, you'll be able to simply you'll be able to produce your own AdMob account, for that you just got to head to the official web site and click on on the choice of the register and fill all told your details like your name address mobile Submitting the amount stock up, that is one to two hours. In are going to be your Admob account active and so you {will need|you'll have} to make ad units in your Admob Account in accordance with their apps and so the ad unit will got to realize your apps appear to be showing ads in your apps.

How to get made cash from AdMob:-

Friends, currently we've an issue that AdMob se paise Kaise martial art or however o earn cash from AdMob, 1st of all, it's to travel to its official web site and build its own AdMob account and apply the code to its robot apps. when that its ads seem on your robot apps.

Which Platform to settle on, robot Apps, IOS Apps or Windows eight Apps?

This is perpetually the primary queries most beginners face. Most programmers bring up the value of making Associate in Nursing app on totally different platforms. Google play developers price is extremely low. To be ready to distribute your merchandise through Google Play, Google App Store, we'd like to pay $25.00 for only one register. For IOS developers, there's a $99.00 membership fee once a year. Windows Store Apps developer account is $49.00 p.a..

As my suggestion, you'll be able to select a robot platform if you have got not tried to promote any apps, however, otherwise, you don't have any ideas regarding the way to legitimate your apps. the rationale is extremely straightforward. it's low-cost and you have got enough time for you to catch the App development and monetisation expertise.

If you have got a awfully clear vision and you recognize what you wish to try and do, then Apple App store are going to be the most effective alternative. Apple store platform may be a terribly mature platform or market place for corporations and developers to distribute their apps to the shoppers. consistent with the promoting outline, you'll be able to maximize your financial gain in Apple Store. That’s why IOS developer account is that the costliest one.

As a private choice, Windows Store may be a terribly new App market. There area unit regarding 10k apps within the Windows Store, and over eightieth of apps area unit free apps. the amount is kind of little, compare with robot Play and therefore the Apple App Store. There area unit less competitive, however the user base is kind of low still.

How to Increase Your App Revenue?

Therefore, their area unit solely 3 thanks to increasing your revenue, by increasing the impressions range, increasing the CTR or obtaining high CPC ads. To increasing the impressions, you would like to push your app for additional installations. At the most time, You shall additionally encourage your current users to use your app additional.

There area unit many components to have an effect on the CTR. for instance, if you show the ads {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very obvious place, you will get a awfully smart CTR result. However, ads area unit a ambiguous weapon system. it should additionally have an effect on the app usage if you place the ads within the wrong place. That’s why voluminous free apps simply place their ads within the high of the screen or within the bottom. The ads content additionally plays a awfully vital role to extend the CTR. however this component is out of our management.

The CPC is decided by the publiciser. betting on what they're advertising, the CPC area unit quite totally different. Some advertisers could pay additional per click than others, however others may be willing to pay a bit. Usually, the monetary advertisers area unit pays heaps on their ads. If your apps area unit cutting for monetary desires, you'll get higher CPC.
March 08, 2019

how to earn money from uc news and what is uc news

how to earn money from uc news and earn a huge amount of money from uc news without any investment and what is uc news
uc news


First, you have got to travel to the UC We-Media Program (UC News publisher site). currently, a signup type can open, therein you have got to fill a number of your details.
Enter your correct email address within the Email column.

Fill within the same countersign in each the countersign column. make certain that you simply entered a minimum of half-dozen characters and embrace letters and numbers within the countersign.

The column of the invite code is to be full of the referrer code. If somebody invitations you, then the invite code additionally provides. If you don’t have missive of invitation code, you'll be able to leave this column blank.

Enter the captcha code within the verification column.

Check the terms and condition.

Click the Continue button.

You will currently be sent Associate in Nursing email for the verification from the UC internet.

UC News Email Verification:-

Login to your email ID.
Click on the e-mail received from the UC internet.
Click the verification link found within the email.

Account info for UC News account:-

Upload your profile image to your UC News account.
If you have got not designated the occupation within the previous step, then the occupation should be designated.
Type the account name that you simply wish your guests to envision.
Select account kind. If you have got a corporation, choose Organizations, otherwise choose Personal.
Select the class you wish to kind. UC News can show guests to your content within the class you have got designated.
Type the name that's on your PAN card in Account Operator’s Name column.
Type the right PAN card range within the PAN card range column.
Upload your PAN card.
Add your mobile range to the number column.
Select one or a lot of languages. To select, check the language choices obtainable within the Language menu.
Type the link of the printed article. If you're a diary get then you'll be able to find your blog link.
Just kind the username within the column of Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.
Finally, click Continue.

How to add payment info to your UC News account:-

Login to the UC internet.
Click on the financial gain within the left sidebar.
Click on the Payment info tab within the main body.
Scroll down you may get a type to submit payment info.
Bank info – Bank
Beneficiary Name – Your checking account Name
Transaction Currency – If you're Indian then choose government agency or opt for your country’s currency.
Bank Account range – Your checking account range
Beneficiary Bank – Your Bank Name
IFSC Code – IFSC Code of your branch
Bank Address – Your branch address
Gst Code – If you have got GST code, then tick on affirmative, if not, then tick on No.
Finally, click on the apply button.

UC News Se Paise Kaise Kamaye - howdy Friends, however, does one all if you wish online fractional monetary unit Kamana If affirmative then this text is for you. Yes, nowadays I will be able to offer you UC News Se Paise Kaise Kamaye I am aiming to tell regarding it, also as what proportion cash is received on a piece or video commercial enterprise at UC Wemedia.

I'm aiming to tell Step by Step regarding all of those thus scan the complete post carefully! If you have got any issues, please raise with the assistance of the comment box below. thus let's 1st apprehend. After all, what's UC News, however, will this offer U.S. money?

What's the UC news:-

 UC Browser is employed by you in your phone. Actually, UC News could be a News App of China's Alibaba cluster, wherever their area unit many varieties of short articles obtainable additionally to Technology, Lifestyle, Gossip, amusement. Micro-blogging platform.

Where you'll be able to earn enough cash by commercial enterprise your articles and monetizing them, you'll be able to earn a good quantity of cash. you simply got to be logged in along with your E-mail ID and build a Publisher Account. when commercial enterprise your article or video it's superb will earn cash.

How to earn cash from UC News:-

UC Wemedia additionally provides its users with a chance to earn cash however you have got to use the content of your own here to earn cash which content mustn't be taken or derived from the other web site. Original Content is supposed to present cash on UC News in 2 ways in which.

Article Writing
Creating Video (Creat Video)

Writing Articles - On this Wemedia Platform, you'll be able to write short articles associated with any topic like Mobile worth, Political News, Cooking, etc. After that, the Wemedia Team can audit your content when commercial enterprise it on your platform, when any user will scan your article.

Not solely this, a lot of times the article are scan, {the cash|the cash|the money} is additionally created here which means you'll be able to earn money by writing the article here however be careful! No article ought to be derived, otherwise, your post can also be suspended thus check the article before you post it properly.

In addition to writing articles on UC News, you'll be able to build cash even through Video Publish. If you're a YouTube Video Creator or have a passion towards creating videos then you'll be able to earn cash by commercial enterprise those videos here Mobile Tips Tricks, build cash by creating Videos like Food, WhatsApp standing. If you are doing not apprehend Video Banane Wala Apps that is that the best then you'll be able to scan by clicking on the blue letter. This app can build it simple to create your videos.

Earn from UC news programs:-

This is good thanks to boosting your earnings. additionally, to commercial enterprise articles, you'll be able to earn smart cash by attractive friends to affix the UC news.

Get your distinctive invite code from the Uc News Publisher Dashboard.
When your friends sign in mistreatment that code, publish a piece and with success get one thousand views, you earn a hundred RS referrals reward.
You can see unlimited friends however you may solely be acquired the primary fifteen signups.
Hope you likeable the article. Well, you'll be able to additionally check with this guide wherever we've got shared some new ideas for earning an inactive monthly financial gain.

How to redeem income?

The minimum payment quantity is $ fifty and you'll be able to grasp simply by giving 20-30 minutes inside one month. Your cash is deposited within the checking account each month between twenty-six the - twenty-eight the.

Making cash With UC News:-

You can scan the news from fashionable platforms and rewrite them in your own words. instead, you'll be able to escort the grey hat methodology that I don't advocate in the least (but affirmative, it positively works!) - attend the film industry or Technology News web site and see that posts area unit running. Open Google Translator and translate those articles into the Hindi language. Use the on top of format to jot down and publish your article. As before long as you receive 2000 page views on a post, attend the financial gain tab and click on on the ad substantiation possibility. to create cash with UC News, settle for the agreement on the successive page.
March 08, 2019

how to earn money from digital marketing in different ways

how to earn money from digital marketing and earn a huge amount of money from digital marketing without any investment and what is digital marketing
digital marketing
Technology has reshaped and increased the extent of business and most of the standard businesses have regenerate into the digital marketplace wherever daily countless business activities surface. Technology has additionally opened tremendous ways that of earnings with the assistance of digital devices.
Lots of folks suppose that digital promoting is truly a crosscut to earn straightforward cash, it’s not like that. Same as different business, digital promoting additionally want intelligence to expand your operating capability with the business outlook. To be additional competitive within the digital arena, you wish to pay time, apply the logical approach, and drive strategy to attain your goals. Digital promoting permits you to advertise your merchandise and services by employing a digital medium. Here we tend to comprehend the key ways of earning by mistreatment digital promoting.

YouTube Channel:-

Start a youtube account and create videos concerning your passion for creating cash through Google Adsense. once you’ve created many videos, it’s time to hitch the YouTube Partner Program. All you wish to try and do is change your channel for substantiation, and you’ll receive your share of the financial gain from video advertising on YouTube. even as the YouTube stars do, you’ll get obtained every thousand views on your videos.

Content promoting:-

The term content promoting refers to making and publication attention-grabbing content so as to advertise specific merchandise and services by mistreatment an internet medium. It plays a key role sort of a bridge between customers and repair suppliers. The content promoting stress on keywords that brings traffic to an internet site or social media page. does one understand this trend of buying? If you don’t understand, we will assist you out here:

Searching For A Query: Most of the time, folks rummage around for a special product and services on an exploration engine and also the result bring them into your web site then they create a buying deal.

Comparison: this can be another trend that grabs the eye of potential consumers. folks prefer to compare the provided services then they create the most effective call.

 Instagram promoting:-

Create an Associate in Nursing Instagram account and begin creating cash on-line. Growing Associate in Nursing Instagram account is that the hardest half however traffic is that the lifeline of any online success. Growing Associate in Nursing account doesn’t ought to be laborious, you only ought to be seen. begin with…
Deciding on a distinct segment. Comedy, fitness and food square measure hot on Instagram
Think of a catchy easy name
Signing up
Upload concerning 5+ niche connected footage daily
Start making awareness by following others
Comment and like same niche posts to be detected
Once you're done growing your account followers…

Start connecting with brands. Use your platform to promote different people’s product and services… sort of a small influencer thingy. keep in mind to supply a free gift and collect emails and build your email promoting list for additional promoting.

Web planning:-

If you've got skills to style websites and maintain them as per the need, then you'll be able to simply earn online. to create your career in net planning, you wish to decide on specific layouts, relevant colour themes, and navigation framework, optimisation, pages and different necessary accessories. within the begin, you will have some difficulties however by the time you may learn.


Blogging is concerning the private opinion of writers within which they bring up the precise topic. Their square measure numerous opportunities for bloggers as several sites provide to host that really increase the readability of readers. If you think that you're an ingenious author and have the power to convert folks to scan, then you're geared up to travel ahead for skilled blogging. It additionally works with current topics and trends as recent and obsolete topics minimize the interest level of readers. you'll be able to additionally create your own journal and mature it with consistency then apply for Google Adsense or legitimatise it with different paid ads.

Sell Photos:-

Before we tend to dive too deeply into the subject, you essentially have 2 choices for marketing photos:

Sell Photos Directly from Your web site:-

Many photographers square measure surprised by the thought of marketing pictures from their own {website|web site} as a result of they suppose it involves a chic e-commerce site and sophisticated payment gateways. whereas this was true within the past, it’s currently terribly straightforward to line up your own web site to sell pictures.

If your web site is ready informed WordPress you’re in luck, as there’s an outsized choice of plugins and themes designed specifically for marketing stock pictures. If you don’t have an internet site and need to chop the price, a minimum of in your 1st steps in business then attends choice two till you create some smart cash then come back to choose one.

Sell Photos Via a 3rd Party web site:-

The easiest thanks to creating your images obtainable as stock pictures purchasable is by employing a third-party microstock web site like iStockPhoto, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, 123RF. You’ll be paying an outsized commission on every sale for each image that you just sell. These fees vary quite a ton between completely different sites and looking on the restrictions of the licenses you provide. Most sites provide between 2 hundredth and hr royalty to the lensman per sale.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):-

It is additionally an awfully easy however technical technique to earn cash. SEO is that the intelligence of mistreatment specific keywords that enhance the readability and delivery your content up in looking.SEO Power Tools offer the simplest thanks to increasing your web site visibility. If you would like to find out SEO, then take a glance at Cecil Digital promoting Bundle that is specially designed to empower you from the SEO purpose of reading.

 Brand style:-

Learn how to create stylish logos and do freelance work on several sites…It is ALL FREE, you don’t have to be compelled to invest in anything…All you wish is time, the talent and persistence. Before you begin, you only ought to master some tools — creative person, Corel draw, photoshop etcIf you don’t understand wherever to find out a way to begin creating logos, you'll be able to realize useful youtube videos or rummage around for courses on Udemy.etc.You can additionally get inspiration from sites (, Dribble, Pinterest etc…)Now that you just have a master brand style, you'll be able to act to start out freelancing sites like — Upwork, 99designs, freelancers etc. 

Affiliation promoting:-

The affiliation promoting is predicated on someone’s recommendation. If you suggest a product through the digital medium and it's bought by somebody then you may get paid a commission. this can be the broad thought wide adopted by individual and teams. you'll be able to additionally involve in affiliation promoting and begin earning

Email promoting:-

Email promoting is that the digital promoting tool that's wide utilized by the organization and people. you only ought to have email drafting skills and shoppers email info that is definitely obtainable within the market. By mistreatment it, you'll be able to target the mass audience and generates sales. Your emails ought to be the mixture of content and link.

Mobile promoting:-

Mobile promoting is additionally the trending technique of digital promoting as a corporation and individual use it for targeting audience. you'll be able to begin your SMS promoting, push notification and App based mostly promoting by mistreatment cell phones. so as to be additional competitive, you ought to manage shopper information proactively as well as phone numbers and email address etc. it will be an awfully satisfying thanks to earning cash from digital promoting through mobile promoting, if the individual incorporates an excellent niche of galvanized planning and creating putting captions in a very few words, then he will earn cash simply.

Write Associate in Nursing Ebooks:-

Write Associate in Nursing in-depth ebook concerning one thing you like and square measure smart at. Sell it on Amazon, affiliate programs, Facebook, Instagram and different ad platforms!

If you're smart at something, it’s researching and writing. With the Amazon Kindle store, Associate in Nursing one will publish an eBook and create cash. and also the Kindle app is currently obtainable on virtually any device (laptops, iPads, smartphones and affirmative, Kindles) thus your international market is huge! List your book for £1.49 – £6.99 and you earn seventieth of the sale. Considering Amazon is that the final marketing machine (and keep in mind folks square measure trying to spend), that's an incredible deal.

The key to success with eBooks is to form worth, and write non-fiction. merely bundling info you've got researched and compiled on a standard drawback (eg. ‘secrets’ to finding a job) then presenting it in a simple to digest format (an eBook) justifies somebody defrayal some quid on that. Another massive tip is to possess a good cowl designed thus it stands out, and once your book goes on the Kindle store it’s very necessary to urge these reviews so it shows up higher in results. Encourage readers to depart Associate in Nursing honest review at the top of your book. the most effective factor concerning this remunerative plan is that after you’ve endowed the time (say twenty hours), you’ll earn a passive financial gain for years to come!!!